Saturday, September 5, 2009

On The Road Again....

Recently, I've lacked motivation to train for road racing with cyclocross on the horizon. However, a road race in nearby ATX with 4 other teammates was too tempting to pass up. So I headed up this morning to see what the legs had to offer. It was a strong cast for a flattish course. The Pilot, Skillz-Skelley, The Hall Monitor, and El Wonder Nino. I went in attempting my best homage to the great domestique skills of Jens Voigt.

We lined up to race and after a dry summer of minimal racing, the skies threatened rain. I quickly ran back to the car and traded the carbon wheels for the aluminum tubies. We lined up and light rain ensued. I looked over at Skillz-Skelley and we agreed to go from the beginning to avoid the mayhem of riding in a pack in the rain. The race starts and we immediately take off and try to string out the field and keep ourselves out of trouble. There was a crash 3 miles in that we later found out involved the Hall Monitor who displayed some nice skills staying up but did break a spoke in the front wheel and was unable to get back on.

The next 10 miles settles into a routine of Skillz-Skelley, The Pilot and myself attacking and patrolling the front of the field hoping to soften up the rest of the strong riders. After the first lap the field is smaller and it settles down through the first half of the second lap. Skillz-Skelley and I continue to push the pace on the rollers and my lack of road riding is rearing its ugly head. My recovery is slower and I drift into the back of the field. I worked my way back to the front just in time for some attacks. Velossimo with their new Tri phenom move to the front and attempt two hard attacks which we cover the first one and I find myself covering the second one. After Velossimo sit up I'm at the front again. I pull off and drift back to try to recover. Waiting for the legs to come back...... still waiting..... hmm, still no legs and I'm off the back. I watch the field disappear. Sorry Jens.

Hoping it's enough I roll in the last quarter of the race with another rider. A lonely finish to the race. Unfortunately, we were without any top 10 results with El Wonder Nino putting in the best finish despite spinning out in junior gears. I'll definitely be out for States to support the team again and hopefully this was the spark I need to have some decent training to come in with some form. Having teammates makes racing truly special and we have a great group of guys. Good luck though out the rest of the weekend!!!

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