Sunday, January 22, 2012

January Status

Here is a quick recap and links for January.

There's not been any racing going on but I have taken advantage of the break from school to get in some miles on the bike.  I picked up a Garmin Edge 800 (more details later) that provides the ability to create courses and have specific directions.  I have a few rides on it and really like the functionality it provides and the ability to ride new routes or get lost and have it take me home.  There is the argument that you could do all this with the Edge 500 combined with the iPhone.  This is true but I don't like the idea of mounting my phone on my bars or pulling it out of my pocket to check where I am.  Following are a few links that I have found interesting.

Strava:  This site is great for tracking rides, finding good routes, and maintaining motivation.  You can also "follow" other riders so you can see keep up with their activities and performance.  There are Pro riders as well so you can review their rides and feel thoroughly humbled.  They recently added a running portion so I can now track both my runs and rides.  All you need is a GPS device or the app for the iPhone or Droid. I have thoroughly enjoyed it and highly recommend it.

DC Rainmaker: His blog is probably the best at reviewing fitness electronics.  If you want a thorough explanation of the features and functionality of a fitness device, look no further.  Here is a link to his review of the Garmin Edge 800 I purchased.  Why re-write what has already been explained in more detail and style then I ever could?
Also, I have come to enjoy his weekly recaps for the collection of interesting post, typically fitness related, that is a best of the internet for me.  Once again, I highly recommend this site.

Final link is actually from a DC Rainmaker weekly recap.  I thought the images here were especially interesting.

Well, my next semester starts now so we will see how it progresses and if I might be able to squeeze in a few events along the way.  See ya soon.