Thursday, September 17, 2009

Not Bike Related

Cycling is a fringe sport that is a melting pot of society. It lacks the stereotypical jock element of most popular sports. It's not uncommon to be racing with guys from all walks of life that have no commonality other than cycling. One thing that separates me from most of my two wheel brethren is my love for football. I have found very few cyclist that care about football much less love it the way I do.

The NFL season started last weekend and with it Fantasy Football. Fantasy Football is a game in which you and the other contestants in the league draft players at the beginning of the year and then complete "lineups" each week. Each week you are matched up against another contestant and the score is based on the stats of the players in the "lineup". Last year was the first time I had played Fantasy Football. I finished 2nd in my league and love it so much I am playing in 4 leagues this year. 2 leagues that are friend/coworker leagues which I really want to win and two other leagues that I'm in simply to have fun. The weeks leading up to the season create so much anticipation it's amazing that it can actually live up to it.

Week 1 came and went with all the highs(not many) and lows(more than I'd like) of a Fantasy Football weekend and I am 1-3. I won my match-up in my coworkers league but lost in my friends league and my two other leagues. Now its time to search for great free agents and tinker endlessly with lineups in anticipation of next week. Have I mentioned that I love football?

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