Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Yesterday my teammate Crazy UPS invited me out to Fredericksburg to do their Tuesday night ride. I put the bike and bag of equipment in the car, snuck out of work and hauled up to the 'Burg. The ride started at 6:00 and the weather was absolutely beautiful. It was a small crowd consisting of Crazy UPS, The Playboy, a rider in a Mellow Johnny's jersey, and M.

We took off and the pace was intense very quickly. About 5 miles out we approached a small power climb, I pulled up to the climb and Crazy UPS came around to end my pull and upped the pace as he went by. I quickly started going backwards which was the first sign I didn't have the best legs. We all struggled up after Crazy UPS and the Playboy jumped out of the saddle and passed him right at the crest of the hill letting out a "whoop" as he went by. After the short burst of intensity, the Playboy sat up to see if M would get back on and Crazy UPS and Mellow Johnny's decided to see how real that "whoop" was and took off leaving the Playboy to chase. I quickly jumped on partly because it was fun and partly because I had no clue where I was. We hammered down Jung Rd till we reached 290 and then sat up for the Playboy. The Playboy caught back on after absolutely burying himself, his face red with a mix of anger and exertion. He didn't slow down and quickly and continuously tried to punish our attempt to leave him with vicious attacks. I tried to counter one and got a gap before quickly remembering I had no clue where I was going and being off the front alone wasn't the best idea. The attacking and chasing continued till about the 22 mile mark when the road went up and my body decided to give in to the cramps that had been hinting at joining the party. I have never had cramps that bad and watched Crazy UPS, the Playboy, and Mellow Johnny's disappear. The last 8 miles were solo and a lot slower. I was able to enjoy the beautiful country that surrounds the 'Burg.

This was another in series of great rides over the past two weeks that are renewing my love for being on the bike. The guys are planning for States and while I'm very happy with my decision to forgo the 66 miles of brutal racing, I can't wait for cross season and the quirkiness it entails. I love the bike once again....

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