Saturday, June 5, 2010

Fixie Farewell

I've posted about my fixie in the past and what a great project. I loved the creativity and simplicity of building it. It truly is a great bike and I don't have any regrets about how the project turned out. However, I have never found a connection with the bike while riding it. I look forward to riding all my other bikes and feel this euphoria when I get on them, as if new possibilities are opening before me and I'm breaking away from all the stresses of the world. I have never had that with my fixie and because of that I have never beeb drawn to ride it. Now time has come to part ways. I've decided to sell my fixie and buy a new road bike frame (more on that later). It's sad if a bike leaves the home, even if I know its for the best. Farewell fixie, I hope you have a connection with you new owner and I appreciate the time we've had.

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