Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mud, meet Power

So what do you do when you purchase two older wired SRMs (stone axes as my teammate calls them, virtually indestructible), a SRAM for the road bike and a entry level Amateur for the TT bike, but suddenly a teammate hooks you up with a FSA SRM? Well, I put the FSA on the road bike so I have the flexibility to run it compact or standard and moved the SRAM to the TT bike.

Now I have this Amateur SRM with no home.....

What's this? 46t and 38t chainrings showed up in the mail???

Now the solution seems obvious.....We have a cyclocross SRM!!!!

Bring on the mud!!!!

At first thought, putting an SRM on the cycloX bike seemed like overkill. B as I considered the situation, I use my cycloX bike for commuting throughout the year. This can mean in a given week anywhere from 30-70% of my miles can be on my cycloX bike. The ability to see my power numbers and better regulate the work I do on my commutes far outweighed the small amount I could resale the extra SRM for. So now I'm pimping with power on 3 bikes including the cycloX. I'm sure there will be more to come once cross season starts.

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