Sunday, May 9, 2010

Next Chapter in Power

I took the weekend off due to my wife's graduation and to catch up on some missed sleep. My other reason for the time off was my project of switching from my PowerTap which I sold to a teammate and going with some older wired SRMs. The downside is that I don't have the Garmin (which I kept to use for on the cross bike) and all the info it provides and I have to deal with wires. The upside is having the durability and consistency of the SRM system and having power during my races.

So I worked most of the weekend and the road bike was a pretty easy set up and I quickly had power going. The TT bike was a lot more difficult to get the sensor in a position that would read from the crank and it wasn't till Sunday afternoon and lots of Internet research and emails to other guys that use SRMs that I finally had the TT bike set up. When I went back to calibrate the road bike all of a sudden I didn't have power any more. After completely taking apart the system on the road bike a couple of times and doing multiple test I still couldn't figure out why I couldn't get power. Finally after checking the TT bike again I realized I had accidentally changed the display on the head unit and the road bike had been working all along but I just hadn't realized it. More then a little frustrating but a lesson learned. I'm onto the next chapter of working with power and an looking forward to being able to see how my racing develops, especially the TTs.

I'll try to get some updated pictures of the bikes in race setup soon.

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