Wednesday, October 28, 2009


This weekend was one day of cross racing in Webberville just east of Austin. The course was long and favored power over technical skills. It started out on a straight before making a hard right turn which led to 3 tall barriers. Then it went through wet, muddy grass to the only technical area of the course. It climbed up a hill that cut back down the hill partway before a cutback climb back up the hill. This led to a slight uphill run with a log barrier before looping back and running along the top of the hill. It finally went back down to the wet, muddy grass that made sure your bike was wet before you went through an up and back sand pit followed by a straight sand pit. After your bike and shoes were thoroughly caked in sand, it was a long, flat power run around the park to the finish.

The 4s was the first race of the day. I started off well but didn't sprint as hard as last weekend and ended up in a group of 4 with 3 up ahead after going through the sand pits for the first time. During the long power section I bridged up to the three ahead with a guy in a white jersey. Over the next lap and a half our group of 5 was whittled to 3; Major Bob, white jersey, and myself. We rode together till the next to last lap when Major Bob attacked, white jersey followed and I tried to follow but I didn't have the burst and my stomach threatened to empty itself on the course. I couldn't recover from the attempted effort and started fading. On the last lap two chasers caught me but I still finished 5th which is my best cross placing yet.

The fist race was so painful I decided to jump in a larger 3/4 field as well. It was fast and I started in the back so there was quickly a large gap. I felt good for the first three laps and reeled in riders but then my body quit on me and two riders came back and passed me. On the last lap the leader who had a minute and half lead over the first chase group caught and passed me. It was on the hill with the log and he neatly bunny-hopped the log. Exhausted and clearly not thinking, I decided to follow his lead and attempt a bunny-hop as well. I should preface this by stating I have never bunny-hopped anything in a race or practice. As I started the bunny hop I realized this was really stupid but I was committed. I put to much weight forward, almost went over the handlebars, but managed to save it and finish 19th.

The best part of the weekend was my parents came out and supported me through both races. I'm blessed with a great family. Thanks Mom and Dad!! The clean up is still ongoing and I glued up the new tubular tire so I hope to race them this coming weekend. Cross racing resumes in two days. This is definitely the way to spend the off season.

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