Sunday, July 31, 2011

State TT Championship

So the State TT Championships came and went. I didn't have a bad ride, 57:47 which is a PR and tied for 9th in the Cat 3s but..... That is the reason for the delayed post, at first I was so bummed about the ride that I didn't feel I could accurately express my feelings about the ride. The performance wasn't disappointing but my power numbers were a good 5-7% low for the TT compared to the training leading up to the race. My position felt great on the bike but I felt as if I was fighting my body throughout the ride. My mind said "go" and my heart and legs said "we're trying", not "here's the power". At the same time I didn't feel as if I left anything on the course, I was trashed afterwards but I felt that my performance didn't accurately reflect my abilities and the training that led up to the race.

So it's done now and my body actually feels pretty good. I thought I might need some time off the bike in August but I've been riding and my training continues to progress. I feel as if I'm continuing to grow in my understanding of my body and how to train it. I'm looking forward to cyclocross season and with it cooler weather. There won't be much going on other then hopefully some mountain biking and training the next month so post may be limited.

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