Saturday, July 9, 2011


I thought I would pass along a couple of item I have been enjoying. Fair warning though, both contain, shall we say, colorful language. So if that type of things offends you maybe you pass on these, but if not, enjoy!!

First is a blog called Slam That Stem. It is a blog dedicated to just what its title would indicate, slamming of stems. For those of you not familiar with the term, slamming a stem is placing a stem as low as it can go the steerer of a fork and thereby removing ALL spacers. This look is very "pro" and I personally think, is more aesthetically pleasing. The guy who curates this blog (curates seems like the right word because is is really a collection of beautiful picture of bikes) does so with a sense of humor that I really appreciate.

Second is Flammecast and more specifically, their podcast which can be found on iTunes. Well done cycling podcast are exceptionally hard to find and one of the creators of Flammecast was part of a podcast called Velocast that I found and enjoyed right as it went off the air. This new podcast was recommended to me by a teammate and it has not disappointed. I would highly recommend it if you enjoy passionate discussion about pro cycling mostly but also a smattering of general bike stuff and nonsense. Unfortunately, just after I found Flammecast, John (who also did Velocast) encountered some health issues that required him to step away and it looks like it may be at an end. They have since released anther podcast and John, if you ever happen to read this, best of luck in getting past whatever you are dealing with. Selfishly, I hope for a quick recovery because I would love for you to come back and do more of the Flammecast.

I hope you enjoy these. If there are other cycling resources that you enjoy, please pass them along.

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