Friday, January 8, 2010

Mother Nature Throws Down

It was 25 degrees when I rode into work this morning. I have to give respect to everyone that lives in colder parts of the country or in Europe and races/trains in this weather on a regular basis. It wasn't to bad at first but after about 20 minutes even two pairs of socks and Gore covers couldn't keep my feet warm. Other then my feet I was warm and comfy. The other concern was my bike. The hubs and chain seemed to be threatening to freeze and didn't feel like they were shifting or rolling as well as normal. It made me wonder if the grease used on them had water in it and it was starting to freeze. This was also a little disconcerting. But I made it to work and feel like I won a wrestling match with Mother Nature.

It was fun to challenge myself and do the commute but I'm happy to ride the trainer this weekend. I don't think I have the fortitude to do 2-3 hours in this cold.

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