Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy Holidays = Food and New Toys

Happy belated holidays!!

Christmas is my favorite holiday and involves massive quantities of food. I'm sure there were a couple of 6000+ calorie days in there. Thankfully I took two weeks off of work and already have 5 50+ mile rides with the team which is 4 more than I have done in the past 3 months. If the weather holds there should be 2 more before I'm back to the normal routine.

The racing schedule is also starting to take shape for the new year. CycloX State Championships are in 2 weeks and the road race season starts the week after. I feel stronger going into this year so maybe I can get over the hurdle in road races and bring the road results up to the TT results.

Finally, a follow-up on a recent toy and a new toy added to the box.

First, the product review follow-up. A couple of months ago I mentioned the Oakley Jawbones that I added to the toy box. After a couple of months of use I have to say they have exceeded my expectations. The optical quality of Oakley's has always been fantastic but where the Jawbones have really exceeded is in the wet and cold conditions this winter. The vented lenses combined with the hydrophobic coating kept the lenses clear even when riding hard in freezing conditions. I haven't had any issues with the lenses fogging up which has happened with other glasses. These have definitely been a great addition to the toy box and if another pair comes along at a good price I wouldn't hesitate at picking them up.

The newest toy is the Nomad Portable Washer. Brett Kinsey had one of these out at several cross races and it worked beautifully. It is a portable power washer that runs off the power outlet in your car. It has a 3 gallon reservoir, a 20 foot hose, and is easy to carry with you. It comes a little late in the cross season but I'm looking forward to trying it out for both race clean-up as well as bike maintenance. Additional follow-up after this toy has seen some action.

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