Friday, August 7, 2009

Moment of Truth

So this race season is my second race season but the first season that I came in with experience to make educated goals. After racing last season as a Cat 5 it was time to prove myself with some results as a Cat 4. My goals for 2009 were good overalls in 3 stage/omnium races that contained TTs and a top 5 in the State TT.

The first race was the Alsatian omnium in Castroville. It started with a win in the TT and 7th overall. The second race was the Fayetteville Stage Race. I finished in the pack on the first road stage. Then completely stunk up the TT with the worst TT I have ever had. I lost a lot of time in the area that I normally gain time. Then on the third and final road stage I broke a spoke and DNF'd. The third and final targeted race was an experience in climbing in Fort Davis. I limited my losses on the hill climb stage and then powered to 6th on the TT placing my high in the GC. On the final epic road stage I blew up on the second set of climbs finishing 22nd and had to settle for 16th in the GC.

It has been a mixed bag this year. I stopped racing in May due to the heat and since I'm not a Crit guy started training for the State TT. This is a lot of time to dedicate to this race but its the biggest event on my calendar. I want to top 5 and do a time in the 58:30 time range. Last weekend I did a local TT series and did a 58:30 on the State TT course. Tomorrow, I find out if my legs have the stuff to finish the season with a bang. It's the moment of truth.

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