Thursday, December 22, 2011

Catching Up

So I've finished my first semester of grad school.  I did find time for my two favorite team rides, the Tour de Gruene and our annual Fredericksburg Winter Camp ride.

Tour de Gruene is a two man time-trial that I raced with Clint F.  Fortunately, my running has complemented my limited riding and I had decent form and we won our group.  But that ride is mostly about getting together, swapping stories from a year of racing, and eating good food.

The other ride is our annual Fredericksburg Winter Camp ride.  Every year our "coach" Richmond organizes a series of long rides over the holiday break including a big ride that is normally the largest Joe's Pro Bike group ride.  Fredericksburg always provides great roads and scenery and the conversation is fantastic.  This year, one of our teammates Marc did a timelapse capture of the ride.

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