Saturday, November 6, 2010

Cross Season Begins

Continuing the trend of playing catch up on racing, 3 weeks ago was the beginning of cyclocross. Thursday night was Driveway Cross and run on the same course as Saturday's Alchemy Bicycles Crit & Cross. It was a rough course but it felt good to be on the cross bike again. I finished 4th in the "B" race.

Saturday's Alchemy Bicycles was an extended version of the Driveway Cross but was run the opposite direction. It was the first course I had run the carbon rims and quickly found on the two steep, bouncy descents that braking was close to non-existent. As the race progressed, the braking continued to become less effective till it was practically just hanging on and hoping for the best. I wasn't feeling in great shape but still managed 10th in a very strong "B" field.

Sunday was a technical course that looked to favor me a little better but my lack of shape reared it's ugly head. I quickly realized I had no legs and to make things worse, the poor braking performance continued. The brakes didn't have good power but all the heavy braking had caused one of the return springs to start to give and the front brake started rubbing as well. It was not a good race and I was frustrated and angry by the end. I finished 17th, which was near the back of the smallish field.

I immediately went home and ordered some Avid Shorty Ultimate to replace the old Tektro brakes I had been using. I skipped Houston the following weekend and will race cross again after Tour de Gruene.

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