Sunday, July 11, 2010

Just Cause You Can.....

So I decided to do the Open at the July 3rd Independence Weekend Circuit Race. It had been raining all week before the race and there was rain in the area Saturday so I waited to the last minute to drive out and actually waited a little to long. I got there with just enough to to register, get kitted up, and drop off spare wheels before the start. I rolled to the start in the middle of roll call and then we were off. It was a small field for an open race, only about 30 starters. I had 5 other teammates in the race so it was looking good.

Bike Heaven also had a large representation so the race started with a Heaven attack that Richmond went with and was soon brought back. Rob Kane then went and I went with him but we were quickly brought back as well. I sat on to recover and soon felt better and found myself chasing another attack. I worked hard again and went a little to hard as I struggled to hang on to the field after we were brought back. I was happy to see Alec go on a break soon after and he was quickly joined by Brandon Zeeff of Heaven and Beau Edwards. It looked like a good break that could stay and I looked forward to sitting on while other teams chased. Unfortunately we came over the next roller and saw Alec had been dropped. We quickly started chasing and I did a really hard pull and then pulled back in but didn't get enough rest before pulling again and when Jason came around hard I tried to catch on the back but couldn't accelerate. I came off 35 minutes into a 75 minute race. I raced the remainder of the race alone but never came close to what was left of the field and ended up 21st.

I went back and looked at my power numbers and every time I recovered I immediately went hard again. The lesson learned was just because I have the power doesn't mean I need to use it immediately. I continue to try to figure out how to be patient when I race. It's so much harder then it sounds.....

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