Sunday, February 7, 2010

New Braunfels Road Race

After my disappointing legs from Copperas Cove, I was hoping for better sensations at the Tour of New Braunfels. It started with a 48 mile road race in south San Antonio that was made up of 3 twisty 16 mile laps.

We arrived at the race start early and the weather was temperatures in the upper 30s with light winds. My legs didn't feel great so I rode a lap of the course to flush them out and get a feel for roads. We lined up with Alec, Jesse, Jonathan, and Mike Reed. The race started off fairly smoothly and I moved up near the front with several attacks. Jonathan took off on a solo break again and Mike Reed was patrolling the front. Unfortunately, I didn't have the focus and begin to slip back in the pack. With the frequent twist and turns of the course it was like a crit with hard accelerations out of each corner. By the end of the first lap my legs and mind lacked the will to continue and I feel out the back of the pack. I rode the next two laps solo and the legs started to feel better by the end.

Pat and Richmond both gave words of caution after the race about burning out but I though everything would be okay and looked forward to racing the circuit race at Canyon Lake the following day. I woke up Sunday morning completely crispy. I barely wanted to walk the dogs much less ride or race. I decided to heed the advice of my experienced peers and will take some time off. It was great this past week to let it all go but when this weekend rolled around and my teammates were racing it was hard not to be out there. Hopefully another week of taking it easy and then I can start building towards some form again.

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