Friday, December 11, 2009

Houston Weekend - Part 2

Sunday lacked the mud that made Saturday so brutal but it was course with lots of hairpins, a very long straight away, and one slippery run up. The weather was cloudy, in the mid-40s, with drizzle, and 10-15 mph winds. It would be another tough day.

I was second on the sprint behind Brett of Austin Flyers to start but he carried to much speed and over-cooked the first hairpin and I jumped and got another good gap. I carried it till the second lap when I got lazy going over the barriers, caught the bike on the first barriers and went down hard. I grabbed the bike and banged the shifters back into place but my gap was shrinking quickly. I was caught on the run-up by a guy on a mountain bike who turned out to be a Cat 1 on the road and had a motor I couldn't match. I chased for a while but it was futile and just burned me out. Eventually I was caught and passed by one more rider. I tried to bring them back but felt Saturday's effort and couldn't find the burst I needed. I finished 3rd and Jimmy got 6th for what was very successful weekend.

The weekend's adventures were not over though. The rain was getting harder as we headed back to San Antonio. About 40 miles outside of Houston without warning the driver side windshield wiper came loose and flew off the car. The passenger windshield wiper went pretty far to the left so I took up a gangster lean towards the middle of the car and continued torwards Columbus where Jimmy and I planned to stop for lunch. About 5 miles down the road the passenger side windshield wiper suddenly exited the vehicle and I was sans wipers. I carefully got off the highway at the next exit which fortunately contained a small town with a O'Rielly's Autoparts. I purchased and installed a new set up wipers and noticed the trash can outside the store was completely full of wiper blade boxes. There was evidently a windshield wiper black hole in the area.

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