Monday, November 23, 2009

Weekend Off

No racing this past weekend so I dusted off the road bike. It was the first ride on the Cannondale since the end of September. Woke up and rode from the house to the shop. It was cool and cloudy morning but the speed and quickness of the road bike was invigorating. A small group from the shop went out for a slow and steady ride with a few burst and a city limit sprint. AI finished with 68 miles which is my first 50+ mile ride since the beginning of September. My legs felt it and it confirmed my suspicion that my base form is on an extended vacation.

I've decided to rebuild my commuting wheelset. The old Shimano Ultegra hubs are out. They're rebuildable hubs but I found that they can be finicky when trying to get the tension right and can require frequent adjustment. They went on eBay today and some DT Swiss 340 hubs will replace them. I've heard great things about DT Swiss hubs and if these work out I'll probably put DT Swiss 240s on my tubular race wheel set.

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